Saturday, 31 December 2011

Molotow Markers!

I'd like to introduce you to Roary, my new monster. My wonderful boyfriend got him for me for Christmas, he didn't really have much of a choice though, I've been unsubtly hinting to him for months that I NEED a Love & a Sandwich monster.

Roary is currently sat on my desk in my Pony Chops office. I've given him the job of protecting my Molotow Markers (which I also got for Christmas).

I first heard of Molotow Markers a few months ago, and have been dying to get my hands on some since then. The ink they use is a hybrid, acrylic based paint which is very highly pigmented (they actually draw straight onto black objects and show up really well!!). They are very popular amongst graffiti artists.

Due to the acrylic based ink, they're perfect for painting/drawing on almost anything. So far I've used them on plastic, wood, leather and on top of other acrylic paints, and have been incredibly impressed with the results. I wouldn't recommend them for fabric and canvas shoes though, as although the ink is high pigmented, it is quite runny so I could see it bleeding on fabric.

Having in the past bought paint pens and markers which would clog and dry up within a few minutes of use, I was initially a bit dubious about how well the ink would flow through the nib.
However, I have had no problems with the flow of these pens, they're really fluid to use, just like a good quality felt tip.

They have a selection of nib sizes, mine are a 2mm nib. Although you can buy 1mm changeable nibs for them too. They are also refillable. I haven't needed to refill mine yet but I've heard they're pretty easy to refill.

In conclusion, I absolutely love these pens!! I can see so many uses for them, and I fully intend to invest in the complete kit as soon as possible.


  1. that monster is so freaking cute!!

  2. Idk if you have done this yet but the ink becomes flexible/permanent on Leather by adding a few drops of Acetone into the ink reservoir. Perfect for shoes and such.

    1. Thanks Dee! Yes I've done this and used them on shoes before, they're fab!