Sunday, 30 December 2012

Pirate Octopus Heels

These were another Christmas custom order. A customer commissioned these shoes as a gift for his girlfriend, he knew she loved my previous Octopus heels. She also loves pirates and the colours red and mustard yellow, so I did my best to include these in the design. Octopus heels are always super fun to do!

I have a load more of these style heels in a variety of sizes available. If you'd like me to customise some for you send me an email to

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Lola the British Bull Terrier Heels

When I was a kid, British Bull Terriers were one of my favorite breeds of dogs. I loved that they look like a proper hard mans dog, yet every one of them I've met has had the softest and most loving temperament.

Painting these shoes was so much fun! These were a Christmas order, a lovely customer purchased them for his girlfriend. He sent me pictures of her dog, Lola. In most of the pictures Lola had a huge smiley face with her tongue hanging out, so I had to include a few drawings with her tongue hanging out on the shoes!

I really hope my customers girlfriend loves them! And I hope Miss Lola approves of her portraits!

I have a load more of these style heels in a variety of sizes available. If you'd like me to customise some for you send me an email to

My Style Icons: Noel Fielding

I'm a big fan of Noel Fielding. I started liking his work when I discovered The Mighty Boosh, a popular comedy show in the UK. Noel's TV shows are always a great visual and creative experience that often leave me artistically inspired. I love his clever costumes and make up, and the silly characters he makes up.

Here's some of my favorite pictures of his creative stylings:

 Source: 1/2/3/4/5

Friday, 28 December 2012

Fashion Favs Friday 28/12/12

1. Kokokoshop - Cute as a button clothing and accessories for children. I wish it was all adult size so I could wear it!!

2. The Bomb Pom - Fun and colourful hair accessories & jewellery! I love the pom pom earrings, they're so sweet!

3. Pink Poppy Seed - Beautiful knitted scarves and accessories in a great range of colours. I love the sailor gloves the most!

4. St Anderswo. - Elegant scarves that really make a statement. This shop is so full of texture, I want to touch all the scarves.

5. I Love Mona - Vintage inspired flattering and unique clothing. I love the prints and the beautiful classical cuts of their dresses.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Etsy Shop Crush: Fantastic Toys

Fantastic Toys is probably one of my most favorite Etsy shops. They sell affordable and utterly adorable PDF print outs. Their work is perfect to make quick and easy toys, or decorations for celebrations such as birthdays

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Wednesday Art Feature: River Luna

River Luna is an Etsy shop featuring the work of Marisa Redondo, an illustrator from the US. Her work is heavily inspired by nature, and arranged in beautiful colour schemes and compositions.

I love her use of white and space within her work, and the adorable bear and fox creatures she draws. Marisa has work that would appeal to everyone, from natural feathers and branches drawn in her unique style, to cute bears and birds.


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Vegusto Review - Part 1 - The fake meat!

A few weeks ago Vegusto very kindly sent me some of their products to review. I'd heard so many good things about Vegusto and their fake cheese, so I was excited to sample it!

I'm not a big consumer of fake meat or fake cheese. There aren't many decent vegan friendly fake meats available in the UK, so If I have a burger it's usually a bean burger. I was delighted when I opened my Vegusto package to find three kinds of "meat" to try out; Burgers, sausages and steak! Wow!

The first "meat" I tried was the Farmhouse style sausage. I served these with a vegan cooked breakfast of scrambled tofu, mushrooms and hash browns. The perfect meal to start a busy day.

The sausages had a lovely mild smoked flavor to them. These sausages resembled meat so much that I was tempted to serve some as currywurst to my omnivorous boyfriend and see if he could tell the difference. I think I'll definitely be purchasing some of these, and definitely be making currywurst with them!!

The second "meat" I tried was the Pepper Schnitzel Steak. Having never eaten a schnitzel steak before I was very curious to try this. I can't compare what these are like to proper schnitzel steak but I enjoyed this. I had the steak fried in vegan butter in a sandwich. The crunchiness of the pepper and the fleshiness of the meat was a great combination. My cat was determined that this was real meat as he kept trying to steal it while I was eating it. He never bothers to try and steal my normal food!

The last one I tried ended up being my favorite! The mushroom & cheese burgers. I could eat these for three meals a day. These burgers have little chunks of no moo cheese in them, so when you heat them you get lovely melted bits of heaven inside the burger. I'm probably going to have to treat myself to one of these once a week from now on, I'm hooked!

Over all I was so pleased with the Vegusto meats. I'm a little bit annoyed at myself for not getting one of their roasts to try on Christmas day. They're definitely the next thing I want to try.

I'll be posting my review of Vegusto cheese in the new year, along with some yummy recipes! I'm so excited to tell you all about these! I will be gorging on them with crackers on boxing day.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

December Medium Sponsors!

Hey everybody! I want to introduce you to my December medium sponsors :). You should definitely check these girls out, they have awesome blogs full of lots of fashion inspiration!

Billie Jean - This lady never fails to wow me with her outfit posts. She has the best fashion sense and I wish I could employ her to style me on a daily basis!

Chloe from Lazy Explorers is one of my fav bloggers! She finds THE BEST etsy and fashion finds and I always want the clothes she features in her outfit posts.

The Clothes Maiden is a great source for fashion. They feature new and up and coming fashion designers, this is a great blog for inspiration!

Michelle from Creature Type is my newest sponsor. She has awesome personal style, and is one of my fav new blogs to read. Check out her outfit posts, you won't be disappointed!

Jessa from Caked Vintage features some awesome & easy to do DIY tutorials. I love seeing her adventuring posts and her outfits!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Fashion Favs Friday 21/12/12

1. FABITORIA - My jaw dropped when I saw this shop, amazing prints and such stunning clothing!! High fashion for a smidgen of the price.

2. Ginette Pomette - Fun, colourful and funny accessories! Everything in this shop has a happy face on it, my favorite kind of shop!

3. The Merriweather Council - Such sweet embroideries. They also sell the cutest embroidered necklaces, personalised just for you or a loved one! What a unique idea.

4. Tre Melarance - Adorable knitwear for children and babies. I'm certain and adult would be able to pull off this gorgeous fox scarf though!

5. ATLIART - Braided, unique jewellery made using the most colourful and beautiful fabrics. I love the little multi coloured bells added to this necklace.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Firmoo Glasses Review

A couple of months ago, Firmoo wrote to me asking if I'd like to review their glasses. I jumped at the chance, Firmoo have such a fantastic selection of trendy glasses, so I couldn't wait to get mine!

I chose these wooden effect glasses because I loved the wood look, and I could see them being very versatile and going with lots of different outfits. When they arrived I was not disappointed, these glasses are sturdy and exactly as pictured. I've worn them a couple of times now and they don't get uncomfy, I actually forget I have glasses on half the time when I wear them.

They came in a protective box (this is a necessity when you're as clumsy as me!) with a little bag to keep them in and cute cute pink cloth for cleaning them.

Here's some other glasses that I love from Firmoo:

Firmoo has a great first pair free program at the moment! Take a look at this info from Firmoo and check out their website:

The old opinion that glasses are only necessities for people with vision problems has already gone. Glasses are increasingly becoming a fad and must-have accessories for celebs and fashionistas. We can spot lots of non prescription glasses wearers and we are constantly fascinated by many noted film stars’ signature non prescription glasses. They instantly upgrade your look of modern, sexy, vintage or geek by wearing different styles of frames.
Any hot glasses/sunglasses /goggles frames you want can be found on Firmoo, and all are available for both prescription lenses and non-prescription lenses. Are you desperate to have a new look? Now here is the chance, Firmoo has launched a First Pair Free Program to people worldwide. You will absolutely fall in love with the excellent quality, affordable prices, fashionable designs, fast delivery and the good service after trying them with paying shipping only! You even can get a refund/exchange if you are not satisfied with them. It's totally Risk free, so why not have a try?
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