Monday, 31 October 2011


I had a busy day painting today but still managed to find time to decorate our front window and carve a pumpkin (and scoff most of the sweets I had bought for trick-or-treaters)! Here's some pics of our halloween decorations and sweets.

Happy Halloween everyone!! 

 And a couple of pics of us PonyChops girls celebrating halloween in style at the weekend:

I was a zombie Lady Gaga and Ginge was a zombie Mcdonalds employee

Christmas Goodies!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! Pics of my pumpkin will be up soon :)

Unfortunately this year I've not had time to do any Halloween themed art/Russian dolls :( I will have to make sure I'm more prepared for next year.

I'm starting to put up my Christmas stock on PonyChopsShop. Here is the first of it, a set of Christmas themed Russian Dolls. They're for sale here for only £35! Grab them before someone else does.

More stock to come over the next week or so 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Creepy Angler Pumpkin

Just wanted to share this creepy pumpkin I found whilst browsing Deviant Art. It's by HighBornTalon (who, by the way has some very impressive cake decorating skills, check out this Alien cake)

It's inspired me to attempt my own pumpkin carving, pics of it to come!!

Do ya wanna see Shamoo with me?

I just love this video for "Sophisticated Side Ponytail" by the band Brite Futures (formally know as Natalie Portman's Shaved Head or NPSH, apparently Natalie Portman wasn't so keen on their name, what a faeces brain.)

I love the way this band styles themselves! Their outfits always seem full of fun.

The video to "Sophisticated Side Ponytail" was directed by Noel Paul & Stefan Moore of That Go. They've also directed some other kick ass videos also, including another insanely good one for Brite Futures - Too Young To Kill - Definitely check this one out! I love it near the end when he's snogging the girl while chopping her head off.

I've been having fun searching Vimeo today, and stumbled across another favourite music video. This one is directed by the genius Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric's Awesome Show (seriously if you have no idea what this is, click on the link, you'll either hate them or love them)

This video features curvy ladies with ugly faces on bikes! What MORE could you want from a video? It's for the song "Keep It Going Louder" by Major Lazer.

Monday, 24 October 2011

ZOMGZOMBZ make-up tutorial ♥

Halloween is only a week away! And here at ponychops we love any excuse for fancy dress. If your stuck for ideas, why not try our Zombie face makeup tutorial.

All you need is:
  • Black eyeliner
  • White facepaint 
  • Pink eyeshadow
  • Green eyeshadow
  • Red eyeliner/lipliner
  • Vaseline (to help the eyeshadow stick to your face)
  • Brushes/sponges
Optional extras:

  • False eyelashes
  • Fakeblood

Have fun recreating this look ♥

Here are a few pics of us being zombz:

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Panda Lips ♥

Have a go at transforming your lips into a panda :)

All you need is :

  • White facepaint
  • White eyeliner
  • Black eyeliner
  • Sponges and brushes

Have fun with Faux Fur

Fur coats always look so warm and cosy, it's like hibernating whilst walking around. And although I'd prefer the hibernating in bed idea, it's not always an option.
I love the look and feel of real fur, but I can't help feel it probably looks and feels much nicer on the animal itself. So I'm all for a bit of faux fur.

Here are some lovely faux fur coats I've found for this Autumn/Winter:

Panda Nails ♥

Create cute panda nails with our easy to follow tutorial.

♥ Have fun ♥

Fraises et crème

Treat yourself to a little strawberries and cream temptation. My top strawberries and cream items on etsy :)

Friday, 21 October 2011

Russian Doll Monsters

Today has been a productive day, I've completed two sets of Monster Russian Dolls, and a pair of fast food shoes (waiting on some matching laces for them before I put them up for sale/put up pics)

Here are the Russian dolls. They're for sale at PonyChops . I think they'd be a perfect Christmas present for someone ;). If you love monsters check out my monster shoes for sale here.

These are for sale here

And this set is for sale here.

My aunt very kindly donated 12 sets of blank Russian Dolls to me, so I have 10 more to do. Any custom orders are welcome :)

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Halloween Burgers

Some awesome halloween burgers! I didn't make these, I wish I was genius enough to have thought of this.

Picture from I-Am-Bored


Wedges seem to be pretty popular on the catwalk this Autumn/Winter. I'm especially in love with sand coloured wedges! They're earthy enough to team with the aubergine, teal and mustard tones of an Autumn/Winter outfit but light enough to wear into spring.

I love these Oxford wedges by Seychelles$130.00.

But at £55, I think I love these Dr Martens wedges even more! (PonyChops Ginge has a pair of these and they are stunning!)

I think I need to get some wedges to paint, I can imagine these covered in white and cream shells.

Limited Edition Chairs have just started selling limited edition chairs. I'm drooling over this Cherries Wing Chair by Zutto and this Whimsical World Throne by Caramelaw. Check out all of the chairs here. Each design is limited to just 33 pieces. If I had the moneys I'd buy them all!!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Comfort Food

Here at PonyChops, we're all about being comfortable (read: lazy), and of course eating food. Why not combine the two?
Nikki McWilliams has cleverly done this. Her delicious cushions are based on classic English biscuits such as digestives and malted milks. And they're all really affordable too!
Take a look at these mouth watering treats.

New shoes!!

Just thought I'd show off some hand painted shoes I did for a customer. They're both sold but I have some very similar ones to the strawberries for sale here. I'm taking commissions so feel free to message me via my etsy to discuss any shoes you would like hand painting.
I had lots of fun painting them, I especially love the strawberry ones!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Big Knit 2011

Smoothies are a good way of getting a few of your 5 a day, and in winter especially, it is important we take care of ourselves inside and out, in particular all the oldies out there.

It's a horrible thought that in times as developed as they are now, some elderly people cant afford to keep themselves warm on these cold winter nights due to ever increasing heating bills.

However, there is hope at the end of the tunnel, the people at Innocent Smoothie have been raising money every winter since 2003 for Age Concern, to help keep old people warm at winter by selling bottled smoothies with knitted hats.

I found out about this a few weeks ago and got my knitting needles out.

Here are my mini creations:

Unfortunately the deadline for submissions is Friday 14th October, So its too late to send any more, but, you will be able to buy the hatted smoothies from the 2nd November For 3 weeks in most Sainsburys stores, and from the 9th November at Boots.

Check out the Innocent Drinks facebook page to see some more wacky knits.

Graze Boxes

You Are What You Eat

I never understood this statement as a kid, I thought literally and I sure as Shakespeare wasn't a walking talking chicken nugget.

'Chicken Nuggets' from Banksy's installation 'The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill'. Check out more images HERE

We all know eating healthy is important, but healthy food can be a little bland, and a tasty chocolate muffin is more tempting than a handful of bird seeds. However, the clever people at Graze have found a brilliant solution.

At £3.49 including P&P they send you a selection of tasty treats in the post. The box fits nicely through your letterbox too :)

Here is what I got in my first box :

In my selection I got:

brazil nuts, dark chocolate buttons and milk chocolate buttons

Orange and Ginger Flapjack

The Beach
banana coins, mango and pineapple pieces

Oven Roasted Cashews

The idea being to replace unhealthy snacks by grazing throughout the day on yummy healthy treats.
This box lasted me 4 days.

They have lots of different healthy snacks to chose from including breads, crackers, olives, yoghurt coated fruit, nuts seeds and many more.
each item you can rate as bin / try / like/ love / send soon.
I pretty much like everything, so I have all items on 'try' apart from anything super spicy, I binned those ones.
You can also choose what type of box you would like to receive depending on your dietary requirements.

My second box:

In this one I got:

Fruity Ploughmans
bramley apple and pear chutney with roasted poppy seed flatbread

Fruit Sangria
strawberries, orange sultanas and physalis

Lemon Meringue Pie
lemon sultanas, yoghurt coated peanuts and mini meringues

Fruit and Seed Flapjack

I have almost finished nibbling on my third box:

I received:

Banana Split
banana coins, cashew nuts and milk chocolate covered puffed rice

Honeycomb Flapjack

Billionaires Shortbread
cranberries, milk chocolate drops, fudge pieces and almonds

Mississippi BBQ Pistachios

I am very excited about receiving my forth box on Friday, and finding out what goodies they have picked out for me :)

Why not give it a try, to claim a free box use this code 
Let us know what you think.