Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Monsteriffic Birthday!

Over the weekend me and Ash (my boyfriend) celebrated our birthdays. My friend Ginge made us a cake (she named it the diabetes dreamcake). It was a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercreme, covered in jelly beans, jelly sweets, chocolate buttons and all sorts. Very yummy!!

I wrapped Ashes presents in monster wrapping paper and modified his monster card using my Molotow paint pens.

Ash got me some amazing presents! Including some Jeremy Scott Adidas trainers that i've been obsessing about for ages now! 

I think my favourite present he got me has to be my Love & a Sandwich Giant Monstropus!! He is 1 1/2 feet tall, 2 1/2 feet across. I named him tiddles :)

Here he is with his other monster friends:

The adorable monster Iphone case is from Tomo Ltd another one of my favourite etsy shops, check it out!
And the monster russian dolls and cap are by PonyChops of course :)

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