Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Update time

 Last weekends photo shoot was cancelled due to awful weather! We're rearranging the beach shoot for September and we're going to photograph my dress designs on the beach instead of the shoes. And we will be doing a separate photo shoot for the shoes too :) so lots to look forward to next month!

On thursday morning, me and Ashley are setting off to New York to visit some friends! I can't wait. We have a week of yummy food, friends, drinking & side shows planned. I hope I manage to get on the internet on my laptop so I can share my adventures with you all while I'm there. I'm currently trying to pack my suitcase while Effy keeps bouncing around and insisting she wants to be packed too. Silly poodle!

Here are my latest bundle of photos:

1 & 2. A sneak peak of some geometrics shoes that I've yet to photograph properly and stick on the shop. And a work in progress of the Ladybug mocassins.

3 & 4. Freshly dyed hair, and I bought some jeans to match both my hair and my poodle mocassins. I've decided that I'm changing my alter ego name from Quinoa girl to Turquoise titties.

5. I made some nummy homemade rustic guacamole (recipe soon to come) to go with some delicious tofu enchiladas that Ash made.

6. Pretty new shoes that I gone and bought.

7 & 8. As the photo shoot was cancelled, me and Ash spent the day goofing about in The Mystery Teahouse in Preston. If you are ever in Preston get yourself there. They have about a million teas to choose from. They do an awesome vegan kezelt and OMG the cactus juice is heaven.

9 & 10. Some top secret projects I've been working on. All will be revealed in a few days :)