Sunday, 12 January 2014

Desk of the Day - 12/01/2014 Such Wow

It's no secret that I'm a big meme geek. The doge meme still has me in fits of giggles on an almost daily basis.. I can't even explain why I find it so funny. It's pretty much taking over my life and I find it hard to write like a normal person these days. So naturally, I've gotta draw that cute little shibe.

Follow my journey from average person to incomprehensible meme addict here.


  1. hehehe look at that cute face!

  2. BEST EVER! His little face is adorable and I love the wow jumper.

  3. Aw so cute and very funny. :) Love the texture you've added too.

  4. Love seeing your vector art style evolve! The halftone under his nose is the cutest little detail! Totally love this :)


  5. I love the doge meme!!! I find it hilarious too, and your version is the CUTEST!!

    xox Sammi