Monday, 2 June 2014

Exploring Tower Hamlets (& Hackney)

A couple of months ago I moved houses to a slightly more central borough of London (Tower Hamlets). I already love the area, it's so much different from my last house and has cut my daily commute down by over an hour! There are so many parks near by, including the gigantic Victoria Park, and lots of canals to walk around that lead to Hackney and Stratford, I can't wait

Here's a few of my pictures I took a couple of weeks ago on a sunny day exploring:

1 & 2. Enjoying the sunshine in Victoria Park and pedaloing on their big pond.

3. A really cool pastel abandoned pub in Hackney.

4. An upside down artwork that reflected on the canal.

5. Me and my housemates found a canal boat cafe! We got to sit outside and drink while the boat rocked (and spilled our drinks, oops!)

6. I love this bright graffiti painted on some wooden doors, I found it somewhere on the canal in between Victoria Park and Mile End.


  1. AH, I used to live in Tower Hamlets, first across the road from Spitalfields Markets and then up on the canal in Dalston/Hackney. Such fond memories :) I hope you're enjoying your new place, cutting your commute by an hour is definitely a win!

  2. Cutting an hour off your commute is huge! I bet you love that :) The canal boat cafe sounds so cool!


  3. Awesome so fun to see where you are :) love the upside artwork