Sunday, 20 July 2014

Etsy Love - Sausage Dogs

It's no secret I'm a crazy dog lady, and Etsy is full of amazing dog themed art and crafts! So I'm aiming to do a series of dog themed Etsy Love posts.

Feel free to suggest some dog breeds! This week is dedicated to Daschunds, or "Sausage dogs".

6. Jane Foster / 7. Yaci / 8. Stacie Swift / 9. Benu Shop


  1. Fabulous idea, Chantal.

    Thank you so much for featuring Satchmo in this super-adorable pack of sausagey pooches! He looks extremely chuffed to have been included in such fine company. Woof!

    To celebrate this little outing, I'm offering your readers 20% off purchases of Satchmo, his cheeky sister Ella, or my sausage dog gift cards. Just use the coupon code PONYLOVE20.

    Thank you again,
    Brigitte (Monkeyshine)

    1. Oops, should have mentioned that the coupon will be valid for the next month.

  2. what a fun idea! dachshunds are my favorite :)
    great round up YAY!