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If you need any help designing an ad button or want to know more about advertising on PonyChops, feel free to email me at: 

I aim to make my adverts affordable for everyone, so I have three very reasonable options:
 The Supersize Meal Deal: $14 - Located at the top of my sponsors column. With the supersize ad you also have the opportunity to host a giveaway, have me review your product or do a guest post.
The Medium Fries: $7 - Located in the centre of the sponsors column, a very large ad for a very small price!
The Little Soda: $3 - Located at the bottom of the sponsors column, a generous size ad for a tiny price.

Want to be featured on PonyChops? I can host your giveaway or review your product. Email me at

Here's the Stats:
25000+ pageviews this month
15000+ Tumblr followers
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  1. Where can I get a button from you?? Thanks!

    1. I'll email you a button tomorrow, do you know what size you need?xx

    2. I'd love a button as well. c:
      you can email me at

  2. Oops, forgot to add that a 200x100 button would be perfect :)