Friday, 21 October 2011

Russian Doll Monsters

Today has been a productive day, I've completed two sets of Monster Russian Dolls, and a pair of fast food shoes (waiting on some matching laces for them before I put them up for sale/put up pics)

Here are the Russian dolls. They're for sale at PonyChops . I think they'd be a perfect Christmas present for someone ;). If you love monsters check out my monster shoes for sale here.

These are for sale here

And this set is for sale here.

My aunt very kindly donated 12 sets of blank Russian Dolls to me, so I have 10 more to do. Any custom orders are welcome :)

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  1. I've painted on blank ones before too :) I did a whole family once for a Christmas present and then I did the cast of Lost. I also did some fun ones! LOVE THESE!