Sunday, 26 May 2013

An Interview with SD Photography!

I want to introduce you a duo of photographers who's work I have admired for a long time, SD Photography. They have such a unique style of photography. It's full of charm, personality, and has a candid and personal feel.

You can check out more of SD Photography's work on their Website / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest & Blog

Howdy, we're Sarah and Darren! It takes no stretch of the imagination to understand why we are called SD Photography - it was just easier that way :D We are alternative photographers from Scotland, but work all over the UK and abroad, snapping weddings mostly (with some lifestyle stuff on the side, done during our 'spare time'!).
The majority of our time is spent frantically working away as we are self confessed workaholics, although, we do like to dabble in the odd pastime or two! Photography nuts, movie geeks, music freaks, vintage floozies, great big foodies and massive animal lovers with a cup of tea or five thrown in the mix and a cherry on top......that's us.

When did you get started?
We started the business up in the Summer of 2011 (after several years of doing it as a very enjoyable and serious hobby) and haven't looked back since!

Who/what inspires you and why? (this can be other photographers, artists, business people, family members, anyone or anything!)
Awesome/new locations, natural light, colours, food, travelling, people.......lots of stuff really! Also, learning something new in our field - recently we've been tinkering around with some random bits and bobs to get some cool effects in photos - very fun!

What makes your photography different?
We hate tradition and sheer cheesiness, so try and make our photos as fun and relaxed as possible, for everyone involved. Composition plays a big part in our shooting and we do like to be slightly edgy in our approach of positioning etc. Our editing style leans towards a more filmy sort of look, as we love old vintage photographs, so have incorporated this into a more modern/contemporary way of doing things!

What has been your most memorable photo shoot to date and why? (include a picture if you like, must be over 800 pixels wide)
It's a toss up between two fashion shoots we've done in the past year; one in an abandoned fever hospital in Fife, Scotland, and the other in a disused ice factory in Berlin - both were majorly cool, creepy and hella interesting all rolled into one. People that know us are aware we have a weird obsession for abandoned buildings/locations, so these were just amazing to do. We also have loads up our sleeve in the next year (just need to fit it all inbetween weddings we're doing in the UK and abroad...and there's a lot!)

Which areas of photography would you like to explore more in the future?
We would love to have more time to explore the world of film photography. Recently we made a few film camera purchases from random car boot sales, so now is the task of hunting for expired film (to make the effect a little cooler!) and we'll take our new learning curve from there :)


  1. Beautiful photography! ♥ My favourite has to be the one with the bouquet of flowers.

  2. wow those photos are perfect <3 <3 <3

  3. Oh gosh I LOVE these shots! Love the editing style and the long exposure shot. VERY beautiful!

    1. I'm sure they'll be so pleased to hear your compliments! I think their photos are so interesting and beautiful