Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Etsy Finds - Vegan Love

I have no reason why it's taken me so long to do a Vegan Etsy treasury. There seem to be a ton of make up and beauty shops on etsy that make vegan friendly products, I definitely need to try some out!


  1. ah, i love all of these items! i love the vegan police shirt and the print of mac and cheese.

    lindsey louise

  2. Such a good idea for a treasury!
    I love Betty Turbo's work!
    That is such a good idea for a card!
    Hope you're having a great week so far! Will email you soon x

  3. I can not stop laughing over the yeast card. Soo funny. I want that#8 shirt so much as well.

  4. that candy I won from you is super yummy! Even though I'm not vegan I love all of these!

  5. I can't stop giggling over that nutritional yeast print. So cute!

    xx S.
    The Laughing Medusa

  6. Love it, there certainty are great vegan items on Etsy, we can be vegan with lots of style and spread our love.