Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Parents & the City - Blog Design

Well guys, It's finally here! The design of Parents & the City is finished and live. This blog design has taught me so much. Mainly that I need to try out wordpress before designing the blog, oops! But it's been one of the most fun projects I've done in a long time.

Since I'm passionate about bright and colourful patterns, I was stoked when Diana gave me free reign to design a New York and baby themed pattern! I was even more excited when she wanted to have a statue of liberty themed logo. Baby Liberty is definitely one of my fav things about this design.

You can find my work in progress on this design here, here and here.

If you would to contact me about blog, logo or pattern design email me at ponychopsshop @ gmail . com

Here's some more details of the new design:


  1. your illustrations are so so so so soooooo cute! and I love the baby statue of liberty!


  2. oh my gosh this is SO cute! Love the background, so fun!

  3. you did an amazong job! it's adorable :3

  4. I love the background it's so colorful and adorable :)

  5. This is fantastic, I love the pattern!

  6. This very nice i like this posts you have on this blog thanks sharing logo design