Friday, 17 February 2012

Eat My Shorts!

Fashion designer Jeremy Scott has always been known for his playful and often humorous designs. With fashion shows named "eat the rich" and "let them eat gas" he's always provoked a giggle from me.
He's probably best known for designing some awesome adidas trainers (you should check out his whole adidas line btw, I want ALL of it). All of these shoes are from and are priced between €69.99 and €79.99.
I would actually cut my feet off (yes I'd actually sacrifice wearing my ugly ass/brilliant pony chops shoes) to work with this guy.

Jeremy has captured a lot of media attention for his 2012 fashion week kick ass simpsons inspired line. I literally pooped my pants when I saw this. MAINLY because my pants failed to be covered in bart faces so they DO NOT DESERVE TO BE CLEAN!

 Photos from Cherry Plucker.

So, yeah, I'm probably going to sit here in my own feces until I can figure out where to get a pair of bart simpson short shorts. And i'm probably going to start sawing my own feet off and sending them to him in some sick attempt to make him give me a job.



  1. amazing! ^_^ so much want for those shoes... and i dont even wear sneakers