Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines day!

Happy Day after Valentines everyone! Hope you all had a lovely day.
I certainly did, I arrived home to a beautiful bunch of flowers, and had tea cooked for me! Yummy steak!!
I made Ash some home made salted caramel chocolates and some brownie and white chocolate hearts. They were yum! I will try and post a recipe for the caramels really soon!! I was quite proud of myself making caramel (I LOATHE making it, it never turns out the consistency I want and I'm almost always too greedy and end up burning myself while trying to taste it too early).

Here's a piccy of the inside of the card that i'd painted for him. It was just a quick painting so it's not very well polished, but I love the idea. I'm actually basing some Russian Dolls on these at the moment!! And I'm thinking of maybe doing a card design of a much neater/better drawn out version of it.

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  1. i love the card! that monster is so so cute!