Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Shoe World Order

 The fashion shoot yesterday was immense. I'm pretty confident we got some awesome pics. It was sooo good to be back styling. I should get some of the pictures back in a couple of weeks so will share them on my blog then.

Just finished these shoes, and had FAR too much fun writing my etsy description: "Forget the New World Order, PonyChops is starting a Shoe World Order. Must obey the government, must buy shoes (and mcdonalds).
These shoes have lots of eyes on them, but don't worry the eyes can't really see, they're not watching you. I promise. It's not like they have cameras inside them to spy on you or anything.

They're a size UK 5, US 7.5, Eur 38. And brand new from the shoe momma's vagina. "

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