Saturday, 14 April 2012

Weekly Catch up

Another weekly feature I'm going to try and do is to post all the photos I've taken each week. This week I haven't really done much as I've been stuck in bed feeling poorly, but here are my weekly photos.

1. I finally got around to ordering some laces for my new hand painted High tops, expect to see them in the shop SOON!

2. I said goodbye to one of my favourite pairs of brogues. They finally have a home.  I'm going to miss those little skullies cheering up my shelves of shoes.

3. I got some new Lukas colours in the mail! I LOVE the lavender, I already have so many ideas of how I'm going to use it.

4. Three pairs of pink and brown pumps waiting to be painted with little doggy faces :) I can't wait to finish these lovelies, I have them in 3 sizes too!

5. I bought some decorations. I'm planning on making some christmas and halloween decorations. And i'm pretty sure I can somehow make these into some big ass earrings.

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