Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Instagram Overload

Hi guys, It's been a while since I did a proper update. Life is pretty busy at the moment. I'm preparing for an awesome photo shoot at the beginning of August, which is very exciting but I'm painting shoes & bags like crazy for it!

I've finally stopped carrying a brick around with me, got with the real world and bought a phone with internet on it & a camera, and discovered instagram.
I'm on there as ponychops, add me, and as soon as I discover how to I'll add you back :)

Here's my latest bombardment of pictures:

1 & 2. I dyed my hair turquoise, I love it when it fades all pastelly. In the second pic I'm wearing my awesome Gusosos brooch. She has so much cute stuff in her store, check it out!

3 & 4. My babies, Holly the wolfy dog and Effy the scruffy poodle. Holly always sulks when I get the camera out.

5. My boyfriends cat Mojo enjoying a cuddle, with a creepy old man ghost behind him on the telly.

6. I was getting too impatient for my own designed fabrics to arrive, so I bought some creepy teddy fabric, some cowboy fabric and some pretty floral stuff to satisfy my sewing craving.

7. My shoes all organised in clear boxes. I wonder how long my studio will stay tidy for??

8. Working on a reference sheet for the make up at the photo shoot. My inspiration was ice cream vans and marshmallows. Soft and sickly pastel colours. I've ordered some amazing pastel Lime Crime lipsticks for the shoot. Their make up is cruelty free so I love them lots :)

9, 10, 11 & 12. Work in progress on some custom orders. You can see the mint green bones shoes finished here.

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