Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Introducing Alex

 Hi everyone! I'd like to intoduce my friend Alex to you. He's a super talented graphic designer with a great eye for interesting and artistic things. I have invited him to do a blog post every couple of weeks about his life in Sydney.

My name is Alex Creamer, a speccy designer with an unfortunate last name. I've been fortunate enough to be friends with Chantal for over ten years and have been invited to post on her ever more popular blog every 2 weeks or so.
I am a graphic designer who works and lives in Sydney but has previously spent a short time in London too. I work in packaging and branding and have a major interested in anything creative. 
I moved over to oz 8 months ago to work as a junior at branding agency Interbrand and now work in North Sydney at packaging company Marque.

I love anything with an idea however little. I'm also interested in other aspects of design too and keep a close eye on as many blogs as I can! Over the past couple of years I have also found more of an interest in sculpture, art and furniture design with a particular weird attention to lamps. I will try and brighten up some of my posts with one or two of them! 

Sydney has an amazing variety of art, exhibitions and scenery so hopefully I can keep my bi-weekly posts interesting and insightful for y'all to enjoy.

Here is some of Alex's packaging and graphic design work. Have a browse through his website for even more graphic design genius :)

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