Saturday, 23 March 2013

Be My Trash

I've been wanting to start posting about fashion a little more lately. Fashion is probably my biggest passion. I want to start sharing some of the eccentric brands and trends that inspire me and make me work harder towards a future in fashion design.

I wanted to start off my fashion inspiration posts with a brand I only discovered last week, Trash. When I first saw Trash's website it was love at first sight. They have such an in your face style, the kind of style that you either love or hate. I think this brand is definitely one to look out for in the future! Oh gosh, how I would love to design shoes to match these wonderful clothes!

Trash was created by Angela Brejt, who works closely with talented graphic designers who often don't have a formal education. Angela is a vegetarian (Is it possible for me to love this brand any more??) and strives to ensure she never uses any animal skin or furr in her collections.

Trash focuses on creating clothing that will flatter women of all shapes and often only produces 4 to 5 copies of each piece.

My favorite pieces from this collection are the all seeing eye, reptilian inspired dresses and leggings. I'm a little obsessed with conspiracy theories, I find them inspiring and entertaining, so I love that these pieces don't just contain the fashion of the all seeing eye, and that they also include the reptilian element.

Check out Trash's Online shop and their Facebook page.


  1. Oh, the eye dresses are AMAZING. I love that they only produce a small number of pieces, that makes it so much more special.
    ♥Emma Deer

  2. Yes! Trash is so wonderful! I remember stumbling across them around 6 months ago and thinking 'wow'. I love the really crazy prints.

  3. These are wicked. The green lizard leggings are definitely going on my wishlist:-)

  4. wow this blue-pink dress is spectaculary fantastic *_*

  5. Love the eyeball stuff! So cute! ♥