Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wednesday Art Feature: Chertila

Chertila is probably the youngest artist I've featured on my weekly art features. She's only 17 and already has so much talent.

I love her linework and how she draws figures. Over the past year I've watched her work really develop on Deviant Art and I'm looking forward to seeing what she comes up with in the next few years! She's definitely one to watch out for!

A lot of Chertila's work is inspired by Radiohead. I think you can see this a lot in her work, there's a delicate and vulnerable feeling to it.


  1. the illustrations are amazing :)
    sweetie, have you added me on facebook?

  2. yaay! yes very very talented!! I really love to see the evolution of chertila moleskine!

  3. Holy shit. 17?! Get. Out. She's amazing! I love such nuanced linework <3

    xo Michelle

  4. How is she only 17? That art is off the chain good. I love the piece of the guy and the bones showing in blue. Soo good.