Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Adventure Time Stilettos

I finally finished my Adventure Time Stilettos (work in progress pics here). They're based on characters from the Candy Kingdom. I can't wait to wear these cuties out.

If you'd like your own pair of customised shoes, check out my Etsy Shop or email me at ponychopsshop @ gmail.com

Check out my other Adventure Time themed shoes & crafts here.

All of the characters here are copyright of © Cartoon Network. This is just my own fan art & I am not associated with Adventure Time or Cartoon Network in any way.


  1. you have new layout ! I love it & you are so beautiful, I love the photo on left side <3 Princess <3

    Those heels are spectacular <3 just dream!


  2. They are breathtakingly awesome! Love the colours and their happy little faces.