Friday, 30 August 2013

Back to School bags with Case Luggage

It's only 2 weeks until I move to London now, and 3 weeks until I start my uni course. For an art or design uni course like mine, where I will be carrying lots of material, stationary and a laptop around, a good bag is a very important purchase.

I've been searching the Case Luggage website for some practical and fun bags to take to uni with me, here are some of my favs.

Now of course, before I show you my practical finds, I have to show you my absolutely favorite find. I think it's very apt for this post, as it is London themed:
This childrens London Bus case is by Cuties comes with stickers so you can personalise it yourself. As you can probably tell, I've never really grown out of personalising things, so I think this is perfect.

My actual practical finds look just as awesome and fun! They're by Kipling. I chose the Dallin Wheeled School Bag (right) and the Poona School bag (right). I first noticed these bags for their awesome prints, but it turns out they're really well designed too. The Dallin comes in 3 different prints, has wheels and built in laptop protection. It can also be carried on your back, so it's multi functional and very practical. The Poona is a little smaller and comes in a fun monkey print.

 I also really liked this Umbrella with a matching zip pouch by Knirps and this Converse Backpack.

What are your "back to school" essentials?


  1. I really love the Dallin bag - the print is fab! The little red bus case is so sweet, I wish I could get away with wheeling it around haha. My favourite thing to buy for school changed depending on which age I was at. It was stationary (gel pens, scented gel pens!!, pencil cases), and bags :) I still love stationary and bags now, so not much has changed! Good luck for your uni course, I bet you will love it, your course sounds so exciting. I used a very huge and very impractical bag for carrying all my art stuff around, I wish I'd known about these lovely bags then! xx

  2. It rains pretty often where I go to college, so the umbrella with the zip pouch would come in handy! Thanks for sharing :)

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