Monday, 5 August 2013

New Blog design... again!

I know I know, I have an addiction. I feel like I change my blog design more than I change my nail polish these days, but I think this design is sticking around for a while.

I decided to simplify my blog and make it easier to navigate. I think this new design has done the job. It's going to be strange not having bright colours and patterns screaming at me from every corner of my blog, but I like the idea that a simpler design will help my work shine. I am going to miss my rainbow brogue navigation buttons though!

What do you think of the new design? I bet you never thought I'd go for a simple monochrome colour scheme!


  1. I love it! It is odd seeing it without all the colors - but it's a great way for your work to take center stage.

    But again, if you wanted to throw in some more colors, you could always do colored roll-overs for buttons...

    ♥ Robyn

    1. Thank you! What a great idea! I think I may have to play around with rollovers

  2. I love black and white layouts :D I LOVE your profile picture!!!

  3. It looks great! I've been wanting to make my layout a little cleaner, too!

    Ladyface Blog

  4. Black and white is good because all your bright colored photos will really POP!! :) I like it a lot.

  5. Love it! The header looks fantastic! xxoo

  6. So pretty, simple but lovely. Easy to find everything too!

  7. OH I heart your new design! I am addicted to black and white. Yum, yum.

    I second what Robyn was saying - colourful roll overs would look so sharp. I have them on the magazines I have featured down my sidebar. I am quite particular about colours, so I like how I can keep them a bit muted.

    Again, super sharp site!

    xx A

  8. I love it! I do miss the colours, but the black and white does have a great look. Not to mention you look so fab in your sidebar picture!

  9. wow what a change! I like the clean design, you are right i think it will make your colorful work shine :)

  10. Love the new sleek blog design. Very rad.