Friday, 11 January 2013

Fashion Favs Friday - 11/01/13

1. Frank Ideas - Unique statement jewellery. I love their gathered necklaces, they look so high fashion but without the price tag.
2. Zara Carpenter - Stunning vintage inspired hats with a cheeky and romantic twist. I want to own EVERYTHING in this shop please! Also, their models eyebrows are just perfect (as an eyebrow obsessive, I couldn't not mention that).
3. Style Hybrid -Modern jewellery inspired by different cultures. The laser cut bracelets remind me or intricate windows and beautiful Moroccan patterns.
4. Penny Dreadful Vintage - Glam and quirky vintage finds for the girl who wants to stand out from the crowd.
5. Margaux Lange - What kind of insane person wouldn't love Barbie body part jewellery?? I love these Barbie boob hearts.


  1. Oh, I've been wanting those Barbie boobs too! Wish they were cheaper though. I really can't justify spending two hundred bucks on about 10% of a Barbie...

  2. Wowee, these are stunning!
    The necklace is gorgeous :)

  3. Those barbie boob brooches are INCREDIBLE. I want one!

    P.S I've missed you!! Sorry, I've been so out of the loop :/

  4. I didn't realize those were barbie boobs until I read it.
    How funny!!

  5. Oh man, I'm glad those hearts actually DID have boobs in them and I wasn't just a perv with my initial reaction of "OMG these hearts look like boobs!"