Monday, 28 January 2013

My Style Icons: Bjork

I guess you could say Bjork has always been a big style influence on me. I remember as a young girl seeing her wearing her famous comedic swan to the academy awards. I knew straight away I liked this lady. I often think people take themselves and their dress choices way too seriously at award ceremonies. And there she was, dressed up in a swan dress, looking just as beautiful as anyone else on that red carpet.

I love Bjork for her dress sense, her beautiful smile and the free and spiritual vibe she gives off. She always reminds me of an alien, a little removed from reality, but in a good way.

One thing that makes Bjork stand out from the crowd of other eccentricly dressed musicians is her confidence. Whether she has a face full of make up and a killer outfit on, or if she's wearing no make up and a simple t-shirt, she always looks serene and confident.


  1. She definitely has a style thats all her own and she's so darling!

  2. Love her, what I love most though is that it's all her, not just some persona, obviously she doesn't walk around like a swan every day, but it wasn't something that a record label asked some stylist to dream up for her :)

  3. I love Bjork... she's the best. Her music is so inspiring also!