Sunday, 8 September 2013

Blogwatch - 08/09/13

I can't believe we're over a week into September already. Time is flying by! Here's some of my fav blog posts from my blogging buddies in September/August. As usual, if you have any blog posts you'd like to share with me, send me a link in the comments section :)

I'm not the only one moving to London soon, my fellow purple haired blogger Sarah from The Laughing Medusa is moving there too! She has a ton of great London & travel themed guest posts on her blog at the moment, including this fabulous Big Ben party hat tutorial by Juni from Hey Juni.

Since starting my Revolt program (I blogged about it here) I've been cutting out sugar. I'm missing it terribly and craving these delicious but healthy oatmeal pancakes by Chocolate Covered Katie.

Amy from ART of the HEART celebrates her 100th post with a beautiful pastel outfit post. Oh gosh, I'm having to use so mcuch self restraint not to buy the unicorn t-shirt.

My girl Wensdi from What Is Wensdi shares another of her beautiful illustrations. While you're there, check out Wensdi's new blog layout, I think it looks so rad.

Sarah from Bring More Yarn is getting me in the back-to-school spirit with her first day of school outfit. Sarah is so awesome at putting outfits together, somehow I don't think my back to school outfit will be this co-ordinated.

Rosa from Pink Milk and Cookies painted some adorable hand painted brooches. I love the pastel shades she's used.

Adrian from Adrian Loves Owls shares her fav vegan restaurants from where she lives. I was so surprised to see Loving Hut in the list, I had no idea they had restaurants worldwide. I'm looking forward to trying out the Loving hut in Camden when I move to London!


  1. such a good collection! those pancakes look amazing! i love the unicorn shirt and sarah's cardigan, too!

  2. such a cool collection of blogs :) Thanks so much for sharing

  3. Love that huge list of vegan restaurants. Soo rad. And I am saving up so I can get some pink milk and cookies brooches this week. :)

  4. thankyou for sharing! i need some new reads x

  5. What a lovely round-up :) I love the bright and cheerful colours Sarah chose for back to school, nice for this time of year when it's getting a little gloomy! The little hand painted brooches are so sweet xx

  6. Lots of really awesome blogs here, thanks for sharing! Excited to check some of these new-to-me blogs out!

  7. thanks so much for featuring me on here!! youre so sweet!! lovin all the other bloggers! <3

  8. love the big ben tutorial and those oatmeal pancakes look yummy :)

  9. I haven't been to a Loving Hut yet. I keep hearing good things! :) I hope I get to visit London someday. It looks like such a beautiful city.