Saturday, 7 September 2013

Revolt - an introduction

A couple of weeks ago I got asked to join a team of bloggers doing the Revolt Challenge. I jumped at the chance, because after a few months of illness and putting on a few lbs I'm trying to get fit again. I'm going to be updating you every Saturday with how I'm getting on with the plan.

I started this plan on Wednesday and I'm already feeling the effects (I was supposed to start on Monday, but was away on Monday and Tuesday).

I love exercise in the form of hiking or going to classes with friends, but at home sometimes I can get a little bored of a plan. So far Revolt has mixed it up with a few different exercise videos, they're pretty short and achievable so I haven't got fed up yet. I like that they're usually around 25 mins long so I can fit them in before I start work for the day.

I know I'll find the diet plan the hardest, when I was more active I would just eat whatever I want because I'd be horse riding and walking the dogs every day. It's going to be an adjustment to be on a diet plan. The first week has consisted of a detox menu designed to cleanse your body of sugar. This has been really hard for me as there are tons of eggs and a little meat on the menu, so I've been replacing them with Sunwarrior protein shakes, beans and tofu. I also almost had a heart attack when I saw no avocados on the detox menu, how can I manage that??! 

What I do like about the meal plan though is that there are different options for your height and body type, as a tall girl I think I'd feel pretty deprived eating a diet plan aimed at someone much shorter.

If you want to find out more about the Revolt plan check out the Revolt website. There's tons of info on there, with before and after photos of people on the plan too.


  1. Oh, I'm sure you do it well!

  2. Good luck! Sounds like a lot of fun. I think I eat too many avocados. ;)