Friday, 27 September 2013

Lizzie and Jaqueline - Two more designs for Yull Footwear

As I'd explained in my previous Yull Footwear post, I entered a British themed footwear competition at Yull. My first design was based around the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly, these two are more regal and feminine. I think these fit the feminine and classic Yull Footwear style really well. I wanted to name them very british names, so Lizzie is named after good old Queen Liz. And Jaqueline is a female version of the Union Jack.

You can see more of my shoe designs here.


  1. eee! that pattern is GORGEOUS! especially on the booties!

  2. this pattern is so lovely <3

  3. these are really cute!!! you have a knack for awesome patterns and cute details :)

  4. ooh, i love the jaqueline! you have some truly amazing skills :)


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