Friday, 22 August 2014

Etsy Love - Poodles!

This week's Dog Etsy Love theme was suggested by one of my lovely readers, Mel. Feel free to suggest your fav breed of dog for another Dog Etsy Love post.

I know I've done a poodle themed Etsy Love post in the past, but it has been far too long and there are so many beautiful poodle products on Etsy that I figured I can justify another! Plus, poodles are my favourite breed since I'm lucky enough to have a bouncy, beautiful and downright crazy standard poodle.


  1. Have you seen Mab Graves's vampoodles? Those are my fave poodles! Hehe.

  2. So much love!
    Have you ever seen Cooking with Dog? It really helped me when I moved out and missed my poodle hehe