Friday, 29 August 2014

Etsy Love - German Shepherds

It's much harder to find colourful, cutesy items for bigger dog breeds on Etsy, but I think I managed to find some pretty adorable German Shepherd themed items.

This weeks Dog Etsy Love theme was suggested by Jessica from The Pyreflies who has a soft spot for German Shepherds. Feel free to suggest your fav dog breed in the comments :)

I have so many fond memories of German Shepherds, my childhood friend had one who was the sweetest and gentlest family dog. I love these big fluffy softies.


  1. Awww! These are gorgeous! Especially love number 2, off to check out the rest of the shop now xo

  2. love the painted bag and wall sticker is awesome!!
    and the origami print is really cool :)

  3. oh yes, you have fantastic eye to finding pieces on etsy <3
    i remember the times when my nanny had german shepherds. the list brought so many memories ;)