Sunday, 20 October 2013

My Little Pony Converse

This is a pair of My Little Pony Converse that I finished painting last week. I haven't watched MLP since I was about 4, so it's crazy to see how much their cartoon characters have changed. As always, I love doing a fun, bright and cartoony theme, so these shoes were very fun to paint!

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You can see the Adventure Time shoes featured in the first picture here.


  1. OH WOW! I think these may be my most favourite of yours yet! It is amazing to see how much MLP has changed since back in the day, but they are still super cute!

  2. Aww, you should def watch this MLP series! It's awesome, I love it to bits (even though I'm 27, haha).

  3. Wow, these are incredible! They look so great :] I have a group of friends who are obsessed with MLP...

  4. My nieces LOVE the new MLP. I watched most of the first season with them, it's sweet.

  5. How to order this? Please email me Thanks