Friday, 9 November 2012

Fashion Favs Friday - 09/11/12

1. BasicStyle - I love this shop, it's so modern and unique. They have a fantastic range of fun and quirky every day clothes.

2. GG's Pin up Couture - Imaginative and whimsical hats that will certainly make a statement. Perfect for fancy dress and really decently priced.

3. Elsie's Flat - Probably some of the most fun aprons I have ever seen. I also like the retro style flattering cut of the aprons. Most modern aprons aren't as flattering.

4. Je suis une monstre - Nice quality scarves in fun designs and colours. They look super warm and cosy too.

5. Shh By Sadie - Bright and trendy jewelry. I like her use of different textures to create unique items that really stand out.


  1. I love that scarf! I made a sucky chain scarf once. hehe

  2. Love the scarf. And tha strawberry hat is so pretty.

  3. I checked out that hat site and, wow, those hats are works of art!

  4. Awesome stuff!! That scarf is super awesome! Thanks for sharing!