Saturday, 3 November 2012

Guest Post: Modern Girl Blitz

Hello lovelies! Today I have a really exciting guest post for you from Midge at Modern Girl Blitz. Midge is a very talented illustrator and zine maker. I love her work and the amount of thought that must go into it. Please take some time to check out her wonderful Etsy shop and blog.

Hi there! My name is Midge and I’m a zinester/artists who loves to make quirky feminist art and crafts! In other words, my job is pretty awesome. I got started making zines when I actually was studying them for my thesis in graphic design school. When my project was over, I missed it dearly, so I decided it would make some sort of continuation of it. So in my mind, my thesis is on-going! My zines are centered around feminist views and issues, but get down to the real nitty gritty of certain topics. I talk about everyday things and examine them from a feminist perspective (like things from tattoos to every day social situations to speaking out). Making zines as a hobby combined with not being able to find a design job in the “real world” after college resulted into creating what I like to call my quirky crafty feminist shop, Modern Girl Blitz! I’m hoping it will keep on evolving and that I can rode this wave for much longer, making my arts and crafts for feminism.

Most of my shop items center around a strong sense of feminist pride and self confidence, which are both things that I think we need more than ever. I like to think that a lot of my art and writing in my zines cater to many coming of age feminists, and not so young feminists as well. But I do find a lot of younger folks liking my zines and art I guess as their gate way drug to feminism, if you will! Which rules. This idea inspired me to come up with my little slogan “feminism is cool” Cause it is! Come see what I’m all about at and at my blog at



  1. Midge, you are such cute beast so I just wanna cuddle you! <3

  2. such a great blog + shop! i love her "not your doll" buttons.

  3. Midge is so lovely. Eep! I love drawing, and I want to make a zine of a graphic novel or a web comic. hehe, anything really. But I suck at making stories.

  4. Love Midge's blog and style. What a cool gal she is!

  5. Woo! I love Midge!
    She is so cute!

    I'm not sure how I stand on the whole Feminist thing, but I adore her artwork and I think I agree with many of her views.

    Great post!