Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wednesday Art Feature: MAB Graves

At first glance you could almost mistake Mab Grave's work with the likes of Mark Ryden. With her attention to detail, imaginative & whimsical style which, in my opinion, put her up there with Mark and all the other great artists.
However, Mab dosn't just limit her work to illustration and painting. She often makes beautiful and creepy sculpted brooches or faux taxidermy beetles and best of all, customised Blythe dolls!

I'm a big lover of Blythe dolls, I even have 3 of my own. Mab's work is clearly influenced by the creepy, beautiful dolls. I think that's what I love most about her work, it manages to be adorable, yet unsettling at the same time, just like a Blythe doll.

I love this article from Blythe Ponytail Parade where she visited The Candyland Exhibit and got to meet Mab!


  1. Those insects are creepy but I love them :)

  2. Replies
    1. Me too!! Your post reminded me of how beautiful her work is! You're so lucky you got to go and meet her!xx

  3. I really like Mark Ryden's work and Marion Peck's as well ... But I had never heard of this amazing artist. Thank you so much!

  4. I LOVE her!! I get lost looking at her stuff. So amazing.