Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Mermaid Must Haves

I'm sure you guys have noticed by now that I'm a little obsessed with pastel hair, glitter, turquoise and pink. So i'm sure it comes to no surprise to you that I love mermaids!  I often get told I look like a mermaid with my pastel hair. I'm planning on being a mermaid for Halloween next year (yes, I'm already planning next Halloween haha!). So I decided to put together a Mermaid fancy dress outfit that could also be worn every day too.

Mermaid Nail Polish - $10 by I Love NP
Pastel Ombre Tights - $40 by Virivee
Shell Hair Clip - $25 by Dreams by the Sea
Pink Shell Ring - $44.50 by Jennlee Design
Koi Fish Necklace - $19.50 by Joojooland
Great Pink Planet Lipstick - $15.99 by LimeCrime

I would team these with some PonyChops mermaid themed shoes :)


  1. I, of course, love this post! <3

    1. Haha I thought you would! You would rock this outfit!!

  2. That dress reminds me of a 1980's Barbie dress also! It's WONDERFUL. I love all of it and it's so YOU. You would be adorable.

  3. This is such a great combo! I am in love with the tights and earrings.

  4. As an avid lover of anything and everything mermaids (including drawing them all the time), I love love love this post. I was actually Hipster Ariel for Halloween this year, and did my nails in a similar fashion (minus the pink). I especially like the hair clip and the necklace. I think I need them in my life.

  5. I am so in love with those glitter style dresses. Especially in sea green! I just wish I had someplace to go where I could wear it!

  6. So freaking pretty! Seriously now, I want to dress up like a mermaid

  7. i gotta love that sequin dress no matter what. i've never been big on mermaids - even though i love to swim!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  8. Want everything! What a nifty wish list.

  9. Can I get these all?!

  10. That nail polish couldn't be more gorgeous!

  11. Oooooooh! This is awesome!! I love all of the peices individually but together, wow!