Thursday, 20 December 2012

Etsy Shop Crush: JDStar

I love the nostalgic feeling I get when I think of friendship bracelets. It takes me back to when I was 9, listening to Hanson CDs with my best friend Emma and daydreaming about ponies and dogs (To be honest, not much of this has changed!). We almost always had friendship bracelets or friendship necklaces of some sort. Why does this have to end as adults? The idea of giving my bestie a piece of jewellery to represent our friendship sounds absolutely awesome to me.

The first thing that struck me about JDStar was the amount of love and thought that goes into their friendship bracelets. After all, they're friendship bracelets, they SHOULD be made with a whole load of love. JDStar hand weaves her bracelets on a loom made by her and her mom. You can't get much more hand made than that!!

Another thing I like about these beautiful bracelets is the attention to detail. The colours are always perfectly matching. They also look super comfy and durable! The kind of bracelet you could wear for all occassions.


  1. These are lovely and a really exciting idea, giant friendship bracelets!

  2. Oh my I'm loving those colors! Give me bright colors any day and I'm stoked!

  3. Those are amazing! I listened to hanson too hahaha.