Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Introducing Milky Robot

I've always been a big Blythe Doll lover, I love their creepy cute expressions, big, cold eyes and lollipopesque (ha, is that a word?) stature. 

I have three of my own that I intend on customising in the next few months and showing you all the progress pictures. In the mean time though, I want to introduce you to one of my wonderfully talented sponsors, Milky Robot. She customises Blythe dolls and makes the most adorable doll dresses! I'm so in awe of her Blythe dolls, she has seriously inspired me to start the process of customising my own!

 Hello! I have been active with Blythe's and customizing them for about 4 years now! I started customizing my own dolls fairly quickly after discovering these big headed girls and became addicted! This year I took a plunge and started airbrushing most of my work and I'm in love with the color range I can get on them. Fantasy haired Blythe's are my favorite to work on, they make a fun canvas and I can really go crazy! I have been sewing for Blythe for a couple years now but only the past year took it more serious and started sewing each week to fill up my shop. They are the perfect sized doll to sew for and have similar bodies to the vintage Skipper dolls.

Other than Blythe customizing and sewing, I also design and make plush monsters, handspun yarn and other yarn-y goods! I'm obsessed with crafts and I have at least one project I'm doing daily!


  1. Those are actually really cool! I like Pullip dolls though. I really want to buy one.

  2. RAD! I just got a Blythe as a gift and have no idea what outfit to buy her. Pretty sure she needs a Starwars dress.


  4. I love Blythes as well :3 But just have one Neo Blythe :3
    x, Lara

  5. I love them. Ever since I head about Allison from Shy Scout finding one at a thrift store for like $3.00, I've been on the hunt for one!