Monday, 17 December 2012

I'm Dreaming of a.... Pastel Christmas

My Pastel Santa Russian Dolls got me inspired, so I went searching for pastel Christmas goodies on Etsy. Here are my top 9 picks:

1. Felt Heart Ornament - $15 from My Hideaway
2. Christmas Tree Brooch - 13 Euros from Pretty Nuts
3. Small Colourful Christmas Tree Set - $25 from Ultramarine Stars
4. Christmas Greetings Card - £3.15 from Stuff Anna Loves
5. Miniature Nutcracker Trio - $54 from Di Grazia Rosa
6. Candy Printable Cottages - $6.50 from Emily Hingston
7. Snowflake Magnets - $9 from Camermaid Jewelry
8. Pastel Badges - from Gusosos
9. Bottlebrush Tree - $15 from Art in Red Wagons


  1. so many stunning stuff! <3
    i had such xmas tree last year! it looks awesome <3

  2. Oooooooh a pastel christmas! love this!

  3. I'm loving pastels lately, too. #9 is so cute.

  4. What a beautiful assemblage! Thank you for including my trees!

  5. Such pretty pastel things! Thanks so much for including my heart ornament!! xo, Mary

  6. Awesome items! Thank you so much for including our pastel snowflake bottle cap magnets :) Coupon code SFETSYHOLIDAY2012 for 20% off everything!!!

  7. I am not a huge fan of pastel colors, but on Christmas stuff it's breathtaking! I would love a pink tree someday. (My husband would never let that happen! HA!)