Thursday, 13 December 2012

Snowman Russian Dolls

I loved painting these guys tiny little hats! They're up on the shop now.


  1. awh, i think these are the cutest winter items ever! i would love to give these to my grandma, she is obsessed with snowmen! (she actually keeps all of her snowman items out all year around!)

    lindsey louise

  2. you are the best. seriously. i wish i had such talent like you have :)

  3. The hats are SO SO cute! I am in love with all of your adorable stacking dolls & like Katie said, I wish I had your talents!
    xo hannah

  4. They look so happy. I love their little carrot noses. We don get snow here on Christmas it like super dooper hot so these guys might add a little christmas snowman cheer to my house. Hurrah!!!

  5. These are so festive and lovely. ♥ I love there super cute little faces.
    I know that I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!