Sunday, 16 December 2012

Introducing Katie

I want to introduce you all to the wonderful Katie from Coeurs De Foxes, one of my large sponsors this month. I've been a fan of Katie's blog for a while now. She's one of the sweetest people ever and her blog is full of wonderful outfit posts and creative and fashion ideas! Plus, her cat looks like Tofu's twin!

I'm Katie. 21 years old girl from Poland. Half polish half german girl living in her own world. I love fashion, music and nature. These three things are very important for me. I'm about opening my own business very soon which is conected with fashion industry and honestly can't wait to open this.
My blog is my whole world. It's very close to my heart. It's about fashion and I write posts in form of diary so you can read what happened last days. I guess, you can't describe my style by one world. I wear many random clothes :). I post on my blog my outfit, DIY, reviews from fashion shows, my lomography photos and many, many more.

Here are some of my fav posts from Katie:



  1. Ow :) I love Katie :3 So nice that you featured her :)
    x, Lara

  2. Ah! Her style is adorable. And cats! You've made me a fan! :)


  3. That's right, it's beautiful :)
    xoxo :*

  4. Wow she looks so sweet! I think i'm in love with her style.


  5. ahh I have been a fan of Katie's blog for a while, she has the best style x

  6. yay i haven't seen it! thank you so much babe! <3
    and yea, it's true! marcel looks like your kitty! <3

  7. Beautiful style! ♥ I'm already one of her followers. Hehe.

  8. Aw! I LOVE those outfits, I'm on my way to check out the corresponding posts. She seems awesome!