Sunday, 7 October 2012

Baby Blue Mushroomy Cuties

Remember the Work In Progress post I did on Wednesday? Well here are the finished brogues. They were a custom order, the customer sent me her lovely office baby blue brogues for me to paint.

There's something about painting mushroom shoes that makes me so happy. I think this is the 4th or 5th mushroomy pair I've done so far. I just love how different each pair has turned out.


  1. These are awesome!! I took another look at your shop and I see that you do some custom items. I wonder if you could do some smiling teacups! I would TOTALLY pay for some teacup brogues.

    1. Ohh yes i'd love to do some teacup shoes :) email me at and we'll get planning your shoes xxx

    2. I just checked back for this, haha. I'll definitely be emailing you!!! That is SUPER exciting!!

  2. THESE are absolutely gorgeous! I think I'm in love right now <3
    xo Heather

  3. Wow they turned out awesome! I have doodled on shoes and painted t-shirts before too, but really love these!



  4. Ouaa my best friend is obsessed with mushrooms (As in, she went into university in a program where she could study mushrooms.. its awesome) and every time I see your mushroom designs I want so badly to order a custom pair for her - maybe one day :3

    Also - of course I still want to button swap ;) shoot me an email if you have a new button design whenever!


  5. Cute! I want thoseeeeee!! D: