Sunday, 21 October 2012

Instagram Update

This is mainly a post with about 100 pictures of stupid dogs and cats haha, but that's pretty much been my life lately. I can't complain, a day spent with braindead Effy is always a fun one (and I mean braindead in the nicest of ways, she makes up for her stupidity in love and enthusiasm).

Tofu has settled in nicely, he still refuses to make friends with the dogs though so I've been taking them out for extra plays to make up for the fact that they get hissed at by Tofu lots. The grey cat is my boyfriend's cat Mojo, he's the coolest dude ever.

I've been trying to make more time to draw, for some reason I've been drawing lots of happy shorts lately. I don't know why.

This Friday I got to meet Paul foot! He's one of mine and Ash's favorite comedians. He let us lift him up and pretend he was our child. I hope when I have children they're as funny and silly as Mr. Foot.


  1. love your happy shorts, so cute!

  2. You come up with the most creative and cute things to draw!

  3. Hahaha, that last picture is great.

    I love all of the kitties and the happy shorts are adorable!

  4. Those happy little puppy photos are the cutest.

  5. Instagram is great for pet photos. LOL I love your little hippie shorts drawing. :)