Monday, 8 October 2012

Strawberry Milkshake Bubble Tea

I've been playing around with Bubble tea recipes yet again! I can't seem to stop drinking the stuff. This milky strawberry bubble tea is perfect for satisfying those sweet craving.! It didn't turn out as pink as I'd hoped (I guess I'm just used to artificially dyed milkshakes!). But it tastes delicious.

Ingredients (serves 2 people):
1/2 cup quick cook tapioca pearls

400ml Rice milk (you can use almond, soy, normal milk too)
100ml coconut cream
100ml coconut milk (for a lighter recipe omit the cream and use 200ml coconut milk)
2 bags of black tea
5 tbsp agave nectar (you can use honey instead)
1 cup frozen strawberries


1. Boil 5 cups of water in a saucepan. Once boiled add the tapioca pearls & stir gently. When the tapioca pearls fatten up cover the saucepan and leave to simmer for 5 mins. For none quick cook tapioca pearls follow instructions on packet.

2. Once the tapioca pearls are cooked, drain them & mix with 2 tablespoons agave and 2 tablespoons hot water. Leave to cool

3. Heat the rice milk, coconut milk & cream in a saucepan until simmering.

4. Add the black tea bags, 3 tbsps agave & strawberries and let simmer for another 5 mins.

5. Once the milky mixture has been simmered for 5 mins, take out the tea bags and leave to simmer for another 10 mins.

6. After 10 mins leave the strawberry milk mixture to cool. Once cooled drain out the strawberries.

7. Divide the cooled tapioca pearls into two glasses. Add a few ice cubes and pour the strawberry milk mixture on top. Serve with a large bubble tea straw.


  1. OMG this looks so yummy! I must try making it :)


  2. More bubble tea!! This ones sounds just as delicious as your last one!

  3. I really need to try this bubble tea sometime soon. It looks and sounds so good.

  4. This is awesome! Hope I can try it soon.

  5. This looks amazing and I am obsessed with Bubble Tea lately so I might just totally definitely HAVE to try this!


  6. Yummy!!! I'm going to try this on my day off tomorrow. I love all these tea recipes.

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