Friday, 26 October 2012

Fashion Favs Friday - 26/10/12 Halloween Edition!

1. I Love NP - I stumbled upon this etsy store this morning. I can't get over how awesome their nail polishes look. If I owned all of their nail polishes I would get extra hands transplanted so I could wear them all at once. Plus I'd be able to blog while painting so it's a win win situation.

2. Crafty Ridge - Geeky crocheted costumes??? This shop is heaven for anyone who likes costumes with a difference. I'm on love with the crocheted Princess wig.

3. Yes To Me - This shop sells a multitude of things. But I especially like their skeleton tights and the way they've styled them with a net skirt to create a ghostly look.

4. Miesmesa Berni - These masks are a must have if you like to creep the crap out of people. Perfect for halloween or if you just like to look scary on any occasion.

5. Basic Style - I love this shop and their on trend clothing. They have such a great variety of prints and I love their new Halloween themed leggings and t-shirts!


  1. The masks look awesome! I love the nail polish too!

  2. Oh man, that eyeball outfit. I love it!

  3. oooh the nail polish!! And the tights and the eyeball outfit!! Some great stuff here!

  4. Love that nail polish & love those leggings!! Totally up my alley!

  5. The bone tights are super awesome! Especially under that sheer skirt.

  6. Oh my god, a crochetted princess lea wig? TOO GOOD holy cow!


    1. I know I almost died when I saw it! I think I need it for next year!!

  7. Need that nail polish and tights. :) Soo rad.

  8. I have always been a fan of those bone tights, but the eyeball ones are pretty badass too.