Friday, 5 October 2012

Fashion Friday Favs - 5/10/12

1. Fnine - Crocheting with a twist. Jewellery that looks like it's come straight from the catwalk in loads of interesting colour combinations and designs.

2. Les Enfants Sauvages - Simple dresses to suit a variety of shapes in anything but simplistic patterns. This shop is vibrant and full of beautiful prints.

3. Better Stay Together - A selection of handmade and vintage clothing. Everything in this shop looks comfy and fun. I love how they've combined vintage and handmade to compliment each other.

4. Caracol Handmade - Yet another awesome crocheted jewellery shop. Full of colour and style. There are so many cute items here that I want to buy.

5. Jules Atelier - A great selection of vintage dresses from Japan. Some lovely prints and beautiful styles.


  1. Awesome stuff, I love the dress in the second picture.

  2. Wow, love the jewellery in the first pic! x

  3. Hi! Thanks for featuring me! Your shoes are amazing!