Saturday, 6 October 2012

Grape Heels

I don't tend to do realistic looking things anymore, although I do get a lot of requests for more strawberry shoes. This customer wanted some more realistic looking grapes on black heels. I kind of used artistic licence and added a few extra bold lines and highlights.

Although this was way out of my comfort zone and completely not my usual style, I really enjoyed doing them and felt so rewarded when I finished them and liked the outcome. I'm going to have to keep pushing out of my comfort zone and doing more orders like this! I DO NOT need to paint happy faces on everything I do!

Unfortunately the pictures I got of these weren't too good, it was the gloomiest day ever when I photographed these and my camera dosn't like gloomy.


  1. They do look different from your usual shoes, but they're very cute as well!
    I don't mind your happy faces though;)

  2. These are so sexy!

  3. What a weird idea but these are seriously great!

  4. I love them!!! I want a pair of heels!!

  5. These look so good! And I really do think when it comes to art, the best way to grow is to push that comfort zone. And keep pushing it. =)