Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My week in photos - 30/05/12

Well, these are more like from the past couple of weeks cause I've been lazy and not taken many pictures lately.

1. My brooch arrived from Gusosos! It's so pretty. I haven't worn it yet but I'm going down to birmingham for the weekend so I'll show it off while I'm there.

2. I decided I want to do some new shoes and a bag for myself. So I'm half way through painting this pair of mocassins and upcycling this vintage bag. Can you guess what it's going to be yet?

3. I'm upcycling lots of vintage bags at the mo. Keep your eyes peeled for some in the shop and a giveaway over the next month :)

4. Playing around with brogues in adobe illustrator for my new blog design. Although I keep leaving it because illustrator is so infuriating!

5. I made a vegan carrot cake for a bbq at the weekend. I was very impressed with my "cream cheese" frosting but not so much with the decoration or the texture of the cake. My recipe still needs perfecting before I put it on the blog.

6. I love lilac!! So I'm painting lots of lilac shoes for the shop right now :)

7. Playing with patterns for some material designs!

8. Nommy vegan chocolate and orange shortbread that I made today. Will post the recipe tomorrow!!

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