Sunday, 30 June 2013

Desk of the Day - 30/06/2013 - Pretty in Pink

I managed to get my hands on some pretty awesome stilettos a few weeks ago and have been dying to get painting them. I think they look pretty dramatic without the paint on. They started off baby blue, but after a few coats of paint are now striped in different shades of pink. I love how well the baby blue inside the shoe matches the baby pink paint so perfectly.

This particular set of shoes are going to have a really girly and fun theme, I won't tell you the exact theme just yet though!

If you'd like some custom painted stilettos email me at ponychopsshop @ gmail . com
These are new in so not even in the PonyChops shop just yet!


  1. Can not wait to see the end result! I'm guessing there will be candy involved. Or cupcakes!

  2. These are going to look amazing!
    They remind me of the Cheshire cat!

  3. These are awesome! But I would break my neck if I tried to walk in them! Can't wait to see the finished design.

  4. These look amazing already! The stripes work really well. Shame I'm rubbish at walking in heels! ♥

  5. Oh! These shoes are epic! I wouldn't be able to walk in them, but I still want them! Can't wait to see how the end up!

  6. I love the color combo :3 those heels are so killer hsha!