Saturday, 22 September 2012

Dinos & Mustaches

A couple of weeks ago a customer asked me to paint her some Dinosaur Russian Dolls with mustaches on (pics of that still to come).

I thought this was an awesome idea. So I based an etsy treasury around it.

Here are my top Mustache and Dinosaur picks on etsy:

1. Dinosaur Hat (sizes newborn to adult) - $27.50 from Barefoot Tams
2. Mustache Vinyl Stickers - $12 from Quilted Polka Dot
3. Plush Stuffed Dinosaur $20 from Saint Angel
4. Sock Dinosaur - $20.99 from Super Sock Monkeys
5. Halloween Costume - $3800 from Glacier Milk
6. Mustache Baby Blanket - $46.35 from Little Hip Squeaks
7. Mustache Beer Markers - $6 from My Saucy Mustache
8. Photobooth Party Props - $65 from Mister Mustache
9. Mustache Cupcake Toppers - $5.50 from Cmooreof10


  1. Awww, LOVE the dino hat, that's my fave :) xx

  2. How adorable. I cannot waaaait to see your photos of the Russian dolls!!

  3. Something about dinosaurs and moustaches have a ridiculous awesome appeal! It's actually strange haha - but these are such great finds!


  4. HAHAHA! Rad. I love the top with the two halves of the dinosaur on it.

  5. Those lip suckers are kind of terrifying! Haha, but awesome.

  6. such adorable little things :-)

  7. Between both, I think I would prefer moustaches, as I find them very funny... but that dino's hat is extremely cute <3!!

  8. i love all of these. i like dino things - not as much as i used to - but i still love em

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway